The ABC of Digital Talent: Learn AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing – with your very own AWS Educate account!

By: Tasha Abdul Mutalib (@tasha.abdm)

Girls in Tech Singapore are following on from our amazingly received event with Amazon Web Services by launching The ABC of Digital Talent: Workshop Series. Our partnership means that the GITSG community will now be powered by AWS Educate!

What is AWS Educate? AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative for students and educators to accelerate cloud-related learning endeavours.

What is it for? We want to empower our members to educate themselves with ABC skills and engage tech as Digital Talent. A is for AI (artificial intelligence), B is for Big Data and C is for Cloud Computing – AWS Educate will help you explore these new skills and embark on your very own journey to a cloud career!

What do I need? We’re glad you asked! Here’s a step-by-step guide on getting access to the AWS Educate platform – only for members of Girls in Tech Singapore.

Checklist before going to the AWS Educate registration page:

  1. Are you a member of GITSG?
    • Check your inbox for emails from us
    • Or sign up here
  2. Personal details:
    • Same email address as GITSG membership
    • Date of birth
  3. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.
    • This is where you will redeem free credits for AWS products/services with our exclusive members-only promo code.
    • You will need a valid credit card or debit card to open this account, but no payment will be charged for Amazon Web Services (AWS) or AWS Educate signup.

Ready? Here we go with AWS Educate!

  1. Create your AWS Educate account – full account for full experience!
    • Why a full account? You’re free to use any AWS services, and resources on your account remain after your AWS credits are exhausted.
    • All GITSG workshops powered by AWS Educate require participants to have full accounts.
  2. Institution field – Type and select from dropdown: Girls in Tech Singapore
  3. Country and City fields – Type in: Singapore
  4. Grade Level field – Select Graduate
  5. First Name, Last Name and Email fields: Please use the same email you signed up for Girls in Tech Singapore with – this is so we can verify your account.
  6. Grad Month and Grad Year fields –
    • Currently a student? Please indicate your actual graduation month/year.
    • Not a student? Please select 03/2019 (March 2019)
  7. Birth Month and Birth Year fields: Select your actual birth date.
  8. Promo code field: Please key in the GITSG members-only promo code.
    • You would have received this if you attended The ABC of Digital Talent kickoff event in January
    • All members will receive the code again via our mailing list
  9. Confirm you’re not a robot by clicking the reCaptcha box at the bottom!
  10. Select the first option and enter your 12-digit AWS Account ID into the grey box
  11. Check your email for a verification link
    • Accept the terms and conditions for AWS Educate
    • Verify your email address

Redeem $100 AWS credit with Girls in Tech Singapore promo code

  1. On your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account – log into the Management Console
  2. Click on your user name > My Billing Dashboard > Credits
  3. Enter your promo code > complete the security check > click Redeem
  4. Refresh the page – your credits have been applied!

Congratulations – you did it!

We’ll verify your AWS Educate signup against your Girls in Tech Singapore (GITSG) membership. Using the same email for GITSG membership and AWS Educate ensures we can approve your application.

If your AWS Educate application is rejected, please comment on this post and we’ll reach out via email within 24 hours.

Finally: our promo code is only for members – so please don’t share it with family, friends or on social media/messaging apps.

The best way to share the love? Tell them about our community for benefits just like these and more cool perks!

What should I do first when I get my AWS Educate access?

Why not sign up for our newly launched The ABC of Digital Talent: Workshop Series? Here’s why this is a great way to learn with the AWS Educate platform:

  1. Get hands-on classroom experience with an expert instructor and friends around you from the community – you’ll get 6 days over 3 months to learn together: with the tools, labs and content you now have!
  2. Practice and build with your new ABC skills: how about an app, a chatbot, or a tool just to make daily life simpler for you?
  3.  We believe in rewarding your commitment to educate and empower yourself – so all members who complete the workshop series will receive a full refund.

So – what are you waiting for? Sign up now and accelerate your learning with us!

About our community writer

Tasha is Editor in Chief of the Girls in Tech Singapore blog and an advisory board member. She is an advocate for tech and talent, and manages the International Graduate Program for Telstra – a major technology company that believes in a better connected future for everyone.

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