Mentor Spotlight: Yaprak Akdere

Yaprak got her first job offer as an Android Engineer after completing the CodePath Android Developer program. Although programming seemed like an interesting subject while doing her degree, she only pursued it professionally after college and found programming extremely rewarding. She is now Lead Android Engineer for Yummly Inc.


Hi, I am Yaprak, one of your mentors for the upcoming Girls in Tech Android Developer Bootcamp, Powered by CodePath, launching in Singapore.

I started coding in college for embedded hardware systems while I was working on my degree in Electrical Engineering. My focus was on hardware and electronics. While programming seemed like an interesting subject at the time, it was not until after college when I moved to USA that I discovered my interest in coding.

In 2012, I moved to the Bay Area and this was a whole new world for me. Almost everyone seemed to have an interest in programming. It was ubiquitous – I started learning about programming and developed a particular interest for mobile applications, as I believe that this is where the future of computers are heading. That’s when I learnt about CodePath Academy, and right away, I dived right in to the CodePath Android Bootcamp.

It felt like sleepless college days were back, but it was worth it. I was doing something I really enjoyed. In a short period of time, I built a portfolio of several fully functional Android applications, interacted with programmers who were already in the field, and had the opportunity to talk with user experience designers about the apps I was building and started thinking about Android apps.

Right after I finished the program, I got my first job offer as an Android Engineer at a startup company in the Bay Area and since then I have been working on building Android Applications. I am excited to be working in this field and I enjoy every day at my job.

I wanted to be a mentor to CodePath for several reasons.

It was important to me to be able to share my experience, so that others can get the same benefits from it just like I have. CodePath created a great community where everyone helps each other and being a contributor to this is such a great way to make sure this cycle will continue.

I am very excited to be a mentor of this upcoming Bootcamp and am glad to be a part of CodePath and Girls in Tech partnership program. The gender gap in tech is a known fact, I hope my contribution will encourage more women to join and close this gap together. I know we will bring the beauty and attraction into the computer industry.

If you are a passionate engineer who wants to make a difference, join hands with Yaprak as a Mentor at our Android Development bootcamp. Apply here before 31 December 2016.

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*This blog post series was originally named “GIT X CodePath Meet our Mentor” to support our advanced Android Development Bootcamp classes. This program has been postponed due to a lack of qualified signups. Stay tuned for updates on when applications reopen.


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