Happy International Women’s Day



Today, we celebrate the women in our lives.

The women we were.
The women we are.
The women we are to be.

The women we are today will fashion the women we become tomorrow. Our stories and actions will influence generations after us.

We are not perfect and yet we are beautiful and strong beings capable of bringing joy and perspective to those we hold dear, while being a respected guiding light and a wealth of knowledge in our workplaces and board rooms.

Walking the fine line, while balancing cultural and social expectations and changing the world has never been more challenging than it is now. The going is tough, but together, we will rise above these challenges.

Today, believe in yourself and your capabilities. Be inspired by these TED talks.

Be Brave, Not Perfect.

The world has taught girls that we should be perfect. This means we become afraid to make mistakes and only do what we are certain of and what we feel others approve of. Give yourself a chance to explore your options because you may have more options than you realize. It is not all about being perfect and getting it right the first time. Raise your hand. Ask your question. Sit at the table.

Be Strong. Seize the Opportunity of Adversity.

Perhaps, the greatest adversity that we have created for ourselves is this idea of normalcy, which has defined the status quo of what things should be, and what is considered acceptable. There are expectations, and these expectations may let us down. We cannot avoid adversity, so it is not about whether or not we meet adversity but how we are going to meet it. There is opportunity in adversity. It gives us the chance to make a shift in our thinking and to know and own our own powers.

Gender Equality is Good for Everyone (Men included).

Gender equality is good for countries and economies. As it turns out, according to most studies, countries that are the most gender-equal are also the countries that score highest on the happiness scale and the more gender-equal companies are, the better it is for workers, the happier their labor force and the lower their levels of attrition and the higher their rates of productivity.

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