#LeaveYourMark this International Women’s Day


In celebration of Women’s History Month, today Girls in Tech announces the #leaveyourmark campaign, a movement that celebrates women in the workforce! We’ll be highlighting the achievements of women at work around the globe and raising money throughout March for our Global Classroom, a free online program that teaches design and coding to girls and women.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the issues that impact women — equal pay, sexual harassment, maternity and family policies, funding for women founders, representation on corporate boards — take center stage.  All are conversations that matter, and issues that affect all of us. After all, as Women’s History Month shows, women have been at the forefront of STEM for decades.

But this International Women’s Day, talking isn’t enough. Women’s achievements in the workplace often continue to go unnoticed or get dismissed. Our work won’t be done until a woman’s name is as synonymous with tech as Steve Jobs; until women cover the pages of computer science textbooks; until people assume that scientist, founder, or CEO is a she.

International Women’s Day, and honestly Women’s History Month, is a time for women to get loud and proud about their tech achievements, isn’t it? We’re calling on women in tech to be as bold as their successes are, to be brazenly proud of their career accomplishments—and to lift each other up for all the world to see.

Introducing #LeaveYourMark, a celebration of #womenatwork. Here’s how to participate:


Write it. Own what you’re most proud of and write your proudest accomplishment! Grab a Post-It or jot it down on your work notebook.

Know someone doing incredible work but isn’t one to tout her own horn? Give her a shoutout her by writing a note on her behalf!

Post it. Post it to a wall inside your office. Watch as the great work is recognized and celebrated alongside yours.

Share it. Snap a picture and share it with #LeaveYourMark so your community can celebrate with you about your proudest moments! Tag friends, pass it on.

Donate. Leading up to International Women’s Day, we’re fundraising for Girls in Tech’s Global Classroom that teaches FREE coding and design, virtually to women across 6 continents. Donate and talk to your company about supporting your accomplishments, too, so that other women can achieve their own #LeaveYourMark moments! You can donate here.

We at Girls in Tech also encourage all women, female-identifying individuals, and supportive friends – no matter who you are – to participate!

Every post helps elevate women in the workplace. Keep your eye on the #leaveyourmark campaign through #IWD2019 and during March, Women’s History Month.


Tomorrow’s future CEOs, VCs and founders are out there doing great work today, but the vast majority don’t have the resources to take their ideas to fruition.

That’s why Girls in Tech invites you to fund the education of women and girls through our Global Classroom program.

Your donation directly funds education on web development, coding, programming, and 3D design and modeling for women and entrepreneurs at every level of tech.

You can donate here.

We’re currently teaching 3D design, modeling, and printing to students across 6 continents – completely free. Check out the Global Classroom Impact Report and see for yourself!


Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area? Join us for a celebration of women in tech and the “Future of Making” at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco on March 8th. RSVP here!

Thank you for celebrating women at work around the world! We can’t wait to hear what you’re most proud of!

Learn more about what we do at Girls in Tech and our programs for women in tech and entrepreneurs.

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