#TechEd The Lavender Spaceship Project: Sparking a love for STEM that will last a lifetime

Lavender Spaceship Project x Girls in Tech Singapore

Girls in Tech Singapore absolutely loves the work that Pranati is doing through The Lavender Spaceship Project and believe our community will too. Together we aim to spark a love for STEM in our girls at an early age that will last a life time.

Girls in Tech Singapore partners with Lavender Spaceship Project

We are so thrilled to announce our partnership with The Lavender Spaceship Project! Through this partnership we aim to bring technology and especially coding enrichment to our communities youngest – your daughters.

The jobs of the future will require STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills, which go beyond the knowledge of science and mathematics. The application of knowledge with the ability to demonstrate computational thinking, design thinking, prototyping, coding and robotics in new contexts will be vital.

Research and statistics show that sadly, girls begin to lose interest in STEM as they get older. By the time they reach high school, they have self-selected out of STEM courses due to lack of interest. In fact, even if these girls choose STEM courses, they are less likely to pursue a STEM career as compared to their male counterparts.

If you can relate to this, you are not alone. So, what can be done to motivate your girls, your daughters? To begin with, we could provide them with the right environment and opportunities to foster the love for STEM at an early age. And that is exactly what The Lavender Spaceship Project (TLSP) has set out to do. Read more from TLSP founder Pranati here.

Get your daughters to explore their natural curiosity, creativity, and intellectual strength and develop their love for all things STEM.

Providing an enrichment program for STEM ready girls

The Lavender Spaceship project is Singapore’s first STEM learning platform for primary and middle school girls. TLSP is dedicated to improving and sustaining STEM skills among young girls by providing after-school enrichment program in a supportive and friendly environment.

We believe that if we expose the girls to an experience conducive of STEM learning early on, they will make informed career choices when they are in higher grades. We encourage the girls to develop growth mindset, a “can do” attitude and an affinity towards technology and engineering. Here more from our girls perspective here.

How can you bring STEM and The Lavender Spaceship Project to your girls?

This year GITSG and TLSP have collaborated on family day events, bringing parents and their daughters together to code. The program includes coding, robotics and engineering projects for different age groups and experience levels. The intention is to give girls a holistic experience of what STEM is all about. The program makes use of the latest edu-tech tools, to make lessons interesting and fun for the girls. Think of using ozobot to create a self-navigating bot, python to develop their own game, lego for robotics, the opportunities are endless.

If you are looking to bring STEM to your girls in a fun and interactive way, whether at school or at a family-day at work, reach out to TLSP or GITSG to learn more.

“All parents of girls need to watch this amazing TedTalk on ‘Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Engineers’ here” – Pranati Bagchi

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