We are here to...

Put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and start-ups

By supporting growth and education for girls and women in technology


Why are we here?

Women are vastly underrepresented in STEM jobs and among STEM degree holders despite making up 45% of the Singapore workforce and half of the University students. Even in this day and age, women in Singapore only occupy about 25% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) jobs and account for only 30% of all entrepreneurs, both tech and non-tech. This leaves a huge opportunity for Girls in Tech to support the growth and education of women in tech, for both engineering and non-engineering roles to get those statistics more balanced.  We support the growth and education of women in tech to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups globally and in Singapore specifically.

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Our Organisation

Girls in Tech is a global non-profit that works to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups. We do that by educating and empowering girls and women who are passionate about technology. As a result, we offer everything from coding courses to bootcamps to hackathons and startup competitions no matter age or profession. It is Girls in Tech’s mission to support women with the access and community they need to succeed in tech.

Girls in Tech was founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco. The Girls in Tech global community is 43 chapters strong with a chapter in Singapore since 2014. Girls in Tech is making an impact by supporting women’s personal and professional development throughout the world. 

To address the gender imbalance, we need to address the underlying inhibitors of women in tech in Singapore, include social perception and lack of parental encouragement, academic support, industry exposure, role models and support communities. As a result we focus our efforts on the four main pillars below.

Education & Development

Community Network


Role Models


Industry Exposure


Our Team

Hayley Bakker – Co-Managing Director

An engineer with a strong belief that girls and women can do and achieve everything that men can. Hayley has worked in M&A, Consulting and Banking industry. Currently she is an entrepreneur, setting up and managing technology teams for and with technology startups in Singapore. She is passionate to support aspiring entrepreneurs!

Wan Ting Poh – Board Member

Data geek and AI enthusiast with experience spanning med-, ad- and insur-tech. A strong believer that technology can drive the world to be a better place, Wan Ting recognizes the importance of diversity in this digital revolution and strives towards the day where everyone feels empowered in STEM. 

Jocelyn Teo – Board Member

Global executive with 15+ years of Semiconductor experience in Singapore, Taiwan and Silicon Valley. Jocelyn’s passion is for technology and creating meaningful change through inclusion and collaboration.


Lynette Pathy – Board Member

Lynette is a data-driven marketeer who loves to tell stories and build relationships, with a special kind of love for events and content, both online and offline. She is a strong believer in the strength of diversity and inclusion and the benefits it brings to organisations and teams. She is motivated to help everyone, especially women, feel empowered in the STEM community.

Vinny  Chan – Board Member

Vinny is a specialist Recruitment Consultant leading a team in Singapore focusing on AI, Robotics and Data Science in the Regional market (Asia-Pacific). She is passionate about helping professionals grow in STEM and excited to support especially women reach their potential within this industry.


Kenneth Pereira – Board Member

A corporate lawyer with considerable experience in assisting financial technology and start-up companies with their legal needs in Singapore and in the ASEAN region including capital raising, commercial agreements, legal issues, compliance, data management and protection. Kenneth is a supporter of equal opportunities for women.

Angie Wakefield – Lead Content & Design

Angie is a recruiter specializing in finding talent within the Data & Tech space. With a psychology background, Angie is passionate about understanding people and their stories, aiming to help empower people to achieve their dreams. A little bit of nerd, Angie also loves to read and write. Naturally, she helps create content to keep the Girls in Tech community up to date. 

Padmaja Sakthi – Lead Digital Marketing

A Digital Marketer with 9 years of work experience in healthcare. I am passionate about SEO, Social Media Marketing and E-commerce. I completed my Digital Marketing course from General Assembly, Singapore. When I am not in front of the computer I like to cook and photograph my food. Simplymakans is my Instagram account where I post my food photography and the food I enjoy in Singapore and during my travel.