#TechEd: GITSG x Sparkline partnership as viewed by an aspiring data analyst

By Shweta Ramanujam, an aspiring Data analyst by profession. Shweta recently relocated to Singapore early this year and has been actively looking out for job opportunities in similar domain. Shweta has recently joined the Girls in Tech x Sparkline partnership launch event focused on data analytics education.

Being an absolute stranger to this gem of a country, I have been facing a lot of difficulties in landing myself a suitable job. After a little research online, I found out about this event hosted by Sparkline & Girls in Tech focused on Data Analytics and the involvement of Women interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths). This combination was a perfect reason for me wanting to attend and I wanted to share my key takeaways with you here.

Key Takeaways Girls in Tech x Sparkline partnership launch event:

  1. Confidence booster
  2. Self reflection
  3. Networking

On my way to the event, I had various thoughts running through the back of my mind: What to expect, how am I going to network with people there, how is the atmosphere  going to be and what am I going to get by attending this event?

With all this reverie in mind, I ended up at the doorstep of the event. As I entered, I was greeted by cheery people making the anxiety inside me slowly fade. It was truly a very relaxed atmosphere with people already networking.

Looking around I found some stalls set up by ‘Girls in Technology’, ‘Wantedly’ and ’Sparkline’ telling about what they do and what are the services they provide. After a short chat with all of them, the event started with Sarah Ann Rebello, HR & Education Partner from Sparkline giving an intro about the launch party and a chat with the CEO and co- founder of Sparkline – Aleetza Senn followed by Hayley Bakker – Managing director of Girls in Tech. The two women were truly an inspiration with the former telling about her experience on her career transition from being an actress to setting up her own company on Digital Analytics and the latter speaking about how she was the only female during her college days, how the gender gap got deeply etched into her mind.

This was followed by a presentation on tips and tricks on how to search for a job, finally followed by an experience shared by an employee from Sparkline addressing on the need to keep ourselves up to date in regards with technology.

The tips they had shared was an eye opener for me personally as I got to know what mistakes I was making, starting from the most basic one – resume. Listening to all these talks, the long lost confidence in me slowly started to build up.

After the rapid talk session, we got a chance to network with different people around. Overall a very satisfactory event for me being first timer to such events. Wrapping up the whole event and how satisfactory it was on a personal note are mentioned below.

Would I attend such an event again? Definitely yes!

To benefit from the GITSG x Sparkline partnership, use the code GIT_60OFFEDU_21CEN to get 50% discount on the Data Analytics training by Sparkline Training Academy and accelerate your career in this growing field.

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